NOW Trends is a shot of inspiration for your brand and your team. The session lasts approximately 2.5 hours and will show you the latest consumer trends, and how consumers’ relationship with brands, technology and their daily lives are changing.

NOW/category TRENDS

A trend session focused on a category, market, offer or future plans. It is the best way to find out what the competition is doing and which new core areas can be developed in the category. 


NOW Workshops are work sessions led by the Now team which aim to stimulate, generate ideas, clarify or refocus brand problems. The workshop sessions are prepared ad-hoc for each brand and challenge. The best way to energise your team. 


An evolution of the classic competitive review, Brand Update is a private, multi-dispositive digital platform in which you and your team will have access to the latest campaigns by the competition (with a brief strategic analysis of each one), the latest market news, analysis of international best cases, trend analysis and direct contact with a NOW consultant.



NOW Strategy is dommo’s strategic consultancy and innovation service. We help brands whenever they need assistance, not just with their campaigns. This service will help you find the best questions, innovate by offering the same as always or by refocusing companies’ objectives and business. 

NOW/innovation loop

The most complete NOW product, it is the easiest and most practical way of injecting innovation in your company. Using an ad-hoc approach for each company, a NOW team will work on proposals, trend sessions, workshops and the implementation of innovation for a whole year.



"NOW TRENDS is a fantastic session which more than achieves its goals; the attendees leave with a clear idea of new consumer trends and projects that work in the world and, above all else, the presentation changes the way we think and makes us once again question everything we do in our daily lives. It is a fantastic session and I would recommend it to everyone. Truly inspiring".

Cristina Burzako. Canal+ Marketing Director.

"NOW TRENDS is an exhaustive, in-depth trend analysis which covers the very latest issues and has a very interesting approach on how trends can influence brand communication and marketing strategies".

Jesús Alonso. Head of Innovation Nestlé.

"The session was really inspiring. It opens up a whole new world of consumer and business possibilities".

Berta Solé. Deutsche Bank Marketing Direction.